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Follow these steps to add custom icons to your iOS or iPadOS home screen.

Step 1

1. Open the Shortcuts app

Step 2

2. Tap on a Plus icon to add a new shortcut.

Step 3

3. Tap the Add Action button.

Step 4

4. Choose the Scripting option.

Step 5

5. Tap the Open App option

Step 6

6. Tap Choose and then find the app you want to add an icon for.

Step 7

7. Tap the more icon.

Step 8

8. Tap the Add to Home Screen button

Step 9

9. Enter the app name and then tap the icon.

Step 10

10. Select Choose Photo option.

Step 11

11. Select your icon and hit Add.

Step 12

12. Shortcut with the new shiny icon is on your home screen!